Ortonville United Methodist Church
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Shaping Lives, Sharing Faith, and Spreading God's Love
Mary Narrin Circle  
The Mary Narrin Circle plans monthly events for the women of the church.  The "meeting" is an event and the time and place changes with each month.
Mary Narrin Circle 2016 Calendar
January 26: Dinner and Movie.  Hosted by Pat Michrina and Mireya Mackovyak.
The event starts at 6:00pm at the Ortonville United Methodist Church.  We will be watching
"90 Seconds in Heaven" while eating pizza!  A donation of $3.00 is asked to cover the
pizza and movie.  Reservations needed.  Please call the office at 248-627-3125.
February: Event Pending
March: Game Night!  Hostesses are Sue Hobbs and Linda Weathers.  Date and Time Pending.
April: Event Pending
May: We will be working on the Bi-Annual Quilt Show
June:  Trip to Turkeyville Pending
Septemberfest:  Road Rally
All events will be brought up to date monthly with times, activities, etc. 
Please visit us each month for updates!
Road Rally
Trip to Sweet D's Tea Room
Halloween Party
Halloween Party for Mill Street Men's Group Home